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* ZaZaZoZo - INUA




Music composition for icelandic artist Hulda ros Gudnadottir solo show “All is full of love” at  Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, January 2019.

In her project All is Full of Love, Gudnadóttir explores the difficult question of an ‘independent’ Icelandic identity and the associated stereotypes and tourist myths of the present – all on the occasion of Iceland’s centenary of independence from changing Scandinavian colonial rule. Concept of the show was developed also in collaboration with cultural historian Ann-Sofie Gremaud in which i edit one of her text that i turn into 4 songs that has been then sung by the icelandic choir in berlin conducted by Haraldur Thrastarson.

* INNESTI - 2017

Music composition for choregrapher Luigia Riva for her Dance Piece INNESTI who premiered at Theatre National de Chaillot in Paris, december 2017.
Création au Festival Temps d’Aimer le 18 septembre 2016
Coproduction Théâtre National de Chaillot. Avec le soutien du Centre chorégraphique national Malandain Ballet Biarritz et du Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble dans le cadre de l’accueil studio 2016. Résidence et coproduction en apport technique La Briqueterie, centre de développement chorégraphique du Val-de-Marne. Avec le soutien de l’ADAMI.

Luigia Riva's obsession: to question the fragmentation of the body and the impossibility of perceiving oneself as a whole. Her work, choreographic, plastic and sound, tries to reintegrate what escapes us.  On stage, five individuals with protracted limbs of over-developed muscles, cells or organs symbolize the cultural attributes of hyper-virility: power, dominance and challenge, in the fragility of a bare exposure. By transforming the bodies of the interpreters, the prostheses impact their actions, influence their relationships and invoke in their imaginations archetypes of the masculine: warrior, scholar, superhero and many others. Nourished by the work of Michel Foucault and Judith Butler, Innesti raises the question of gender and deconstructs the cultural conceptions of manhood by summoning Axel Leotard, transgender woman to man, on stage. A composition for augmented male bodies, captured in an organic dance.

L’obsession de Luigia Riva : interroger le morcellement du corps et l’impossibilité de se percevoir comme un tout. Son oeuvre, chorégraphique, plastique et sonore, essaye de réintégrer ce qui nous échappe. Sur scène, cinq individus aux membres prolongés de muscles, cellules ou organes surdéveloppés, symbolisent les attributs culturels d’une hyper-virilité : puissance, domination et défi, dans la fragilité d’une mise à nu. En métamorphosant les corps des interprètes, les prothèses impactent leurs gestes, influencent leurs relations et in- voquent dans leurs imaginaires des archétypes du masculin : guerrier, savant, super-héros et bien d’autres. Nourri du travail de Michel Foucault et de Judith Butler, Innesti soulève la question du genre et déconstruit les conceptions cultu- relles de la virilité en convoquant sur scène Axel Leotard, transgenre femme vers homme. Une composition pour corps masculins augmentés, saisie dans une danse organique.


Original music score composition for KEEP FROZEN, the documentary, a film by Hulda Ros Gudnadottir.. The film wordl premiere @ vision du réel in 2016.

“In the night and cold of the Icelandic winter, workers are organized around a trawler returning from deep-sea fishing whose holds are full of frozen fish. There are 20,000 crates of 25 kg to unload in 48 hours. The temperature in the fridge is -35°C and, on the quays, the snow crunches under big safety boots. The guys doing this work are tough. The slightest error, the slightest wrong move, could be an accident that costs them their lives...”

Keep Frozen, international trailer 


I’ve created the title score for the Melanie bonajo trilogy movies.
Some of my other music features in Melanie Bonajo’s movies as well